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Discovering Your Path to Breakthrough Innovation

Strategic Wayfinding is the process of discovering new opportunities for growth and innovation in a complex and uncertain world. Lightning Laboratories helps you map the landscape of emerging technologies, business models and industry ecosystems, against the backdrop of the global social, economic and political environment. We work with you to identify potential breakthrough and disruptive strategies, and help you create an ambitious, distinctive vision and strategic intent to lead your business forward. In short, we help executives discover great ideas that change the world.

Imagining the Possibilities - The Lightning Laboratories approach starts with understanding the customer's situation -- your current business strategies and conditions, structural advantages and issues, and the organization's ability to align and execute on new initiatives. In parallel, we define a customized process for scanning, foresight and idea generation, drawing from a wide array of practices such as structured brainstorming, scenario development, ecosystem analysis, thought leader interviews, and primary research. Together we conduct intensive workshops, design provocations and immersive experiences that engage your teams, surface their creative energies, and get them focused on exciting new possibilities for your company.

Confronting the Challenges –Of course, we understand that strategic vision and ambition can only be realized when paired with financial and organizational reality. Getting a major new initiative defined, supported, funded and implemented is hard work, fraught with daily hazards. The less adjacent and the more disruptive to current lines of business, the more difficult a new venture will be. Lightning Laboratories is an objective, impartial resource that provides your team with deep experience navigating technical and market challenges, gaining executive support and funding, setting internal and external expectations, and structuring new ventures for long term success.

A Roadmap for Action – Every Lightning Laboratories wayfinding engagement delivers a roadmap of concrete, actionable steps for your team to carry forward. Our goal is not to simply provide you with an answer, it is to equip your organization with the vision, resources, practices and mindset to capture a great new growth opportunity for your business. Strategic innovation happens across technical, social, political and economic dimensions, and our expertise and experience will help you maximize your likelihood of success.

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