AR for Poets Workshop Materials

Materials I’m using for teaching basic AR creation with Layar, at my “AR for Poets” workshops.


You’ll want to set up three developer accounts. For best results, use the same email address as your username for all three.

Layar developer account:

Hoppala Augmentation free CMS:

BuildAR professional CMS:

Mobile Apps

Get the Layar Reality Browser app for iOS or Android. You’ll want to use a more recent smartphone: iPhone 3Gs or later, or an Android phone running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later. The iPad2 also works, but most Android tablets are not yet supported (as of October 2011).

Hoppala Tutorial

I wrote a short tutorial on using Hoppala: HELLO WORLD: MOBILE AR WITH LAYAR & HOPPALA

BuildAR Tutorial

The BuildAR team has a simple tutorial video: Getting Started on BuildAR

Layar Vision

Two useful introductory videos explaining Layar Vision: Introducing Layar Vision and Layar Vision Explained

Live JSON output from a very simple Vision layer (Occupy George)

Layar API

For the more technically inclined, the full Layar API documentation is at

If you are interested in building your own Layar web service, a very useful starting point is PorPOIse, an open source PHP Layar server.

Sample Assets

128px icons (sorry Cal friends ;-)


2D image object (226x350px jpg):