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level up your life: the real world as a neverending game

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Game designer and CMU ETC professor Jesse Schell gave this creative and mesmerizing talk at DICE 2010 that you pretty much need to watch. He starts with the unexpected success of Facebook games, the Wii and Webkins; segues into describing the ways that games are reaching out into the physical world; and moves on to observations about game mechanisms appearing in everything from TV shows to cars. Finally, he launches into a wild extrapolation of what happens when every aspect of the world is instrumented and every action you take in your life has gameplay elements and scoring mechanisms. It’s a vision that’s more than a little dystopian, kind of like the panopticon with points, but I think you’ll find it bracing and thought provoking.  Watch for the sly iPad joke around 17:00 ;-)

+1 Knowledge Sharing to @mikeliebhold and @avantgame for pointing this out!